The Cowboy Market Trader: The Fly, The Dustbin, The Alien. The rights the consumers never knew they had!

The cowboy market trader, who is this? What is this? Where is this?


This is the market trader that has less heart then the tin man and a smaller brain than the scarecrow, this is the trader that if he was in the Batman series, would be the penguin – neglected where nobody really loves him, and justifiably so, this is the man that the Wealdstone warrior would sing “you got no friends” to, and the £1 fish man would sell him a fish for £2 pound. Continue reading


Imagine; A future without markets

Whether you use markets or not, can you imagine a future with no markets? Because at some point we all have to use a market as generally we want something cheap or different. The market is the only place that can consistently satisfy those needs.

Imagine without markets the inflation of prices in places such as supermarkets, shops etc… in terms of fresh and organic fruits. Continue reading

The Misconception of the Local Market: Customers and Traders

I don’t go to Markets they are Cheap and Tatty?

What is cheap and tatty from a market? Why is it cheap and tatty? Is it because it is sold to you from somebody you can actually see and interact with? Who may dress differently? Who may look a bit rough because they have been in the cold since 6.30am setting up their stall? Is it because you can look them in the eye? Or you would prefer not to support your local economy but rather support a billion pound company?  Continue reading