Willenhall Market Traders: ‘Stalls closing too early: How is trade supposed to peak when they don’t maximise opening hours?’

Recently on the Markets still matter page on Facebook I had some interesting information from a lady named Jennifer who spoke about Willenhall market. Jennifer is an ex market trader, with relatives on Willenhall market who have had over 30 years market trader experience, and she spoke about why Willenhall market is not the market it used to be and I think she covered it perfectly. To elaborate, as stated in the where are the young market trader blog I mentioned that some Willenhall traders were blaming the council’s allocation of funding, but Jennifer quite rightly so has blamed the traders themselves and has some really valid points which I think will be of very important interest to anybody that is a stakeholder in Willenhall market such as the customers, residents, traders, council and business owners. Continue reading


Where are the young market traders?

How often do you see somebody under the age of 25 with their own market stall?

Have you thought about it?

Well, in the last 2 months I have been to over 8 different markets, indoor and outdoor, in the West Midlands and I can honestly say, upsettingly, I have only seen or can remember meeting 2 to 4 out of the 100+ I spoke to with their own market stall. These were all young males, from selling electric cigarette accessories at the Dudley indoor market to selling shoes at the Willenhall outdoor market – but shockingly no young females. Continue reading