The British Market a place of Culture

The British market is a place of culture, with all the goings on in Britain and the rest of the world today, it has caused many people to have a difference of opinion, and has somewhat caused frictions between communities due to many naïve people with narrow minds making judgements based on individuals’ actions.

murphys fruti and veg via via market shoppers blog via stafford marketThe British market place in 2017 is a perfect example of diversity with ethnicities and religions working together to provide for their local communities, helping and supporting one another. The British market is a place of culture, it is a place where we, the shoppers go for something different. If I want a fruit from the Caribbean I would know to go to Murphy’s African, Caribbean & English fruit and Veg stall in Stafford’s market. Markets provide our communities with an opportunity to welcome in different culture’s products and ways of life, and also allows us to interact and make our own decisions rather than being influenced by what is shown on the TV.

I found myself in Coventry market again the other day to sign up a trader for Where’s My Market? A popular market stall known as Urban, which cook Caribbean Cuisine and have a real purpose in what they are trying to achieve through their food, and helping the community. Urban is a great way to be introduced to Caribbean food, as there aren’t as many restaurants around specialising in Caribbean, and if there is then many people are too intimidated or wary to go into a shop/restaurant and try the food.

murphys fruti and veg via via market shoppers blog via stafford marketUrban has noticed this and placed their stall in the Coventry market; a place with various cultures all under one roof, and made themselves easily approachable with art from local artists all over there walls as well as local poetry, and famous/regular people’s birthday announcements. They are really a one of a kind market stall in this market, which light up the market with great smells, as some of the passers-by were saying “it smelt lovely”.

This is what makes markets great, outside of the markets wall people are less likely to walk into a specific culture based shop as it is thought of as specific for that culture but in the market this does not happen. In fact the opposite is more likely to occur, markets spark an interest, we see something different and we want to learn about it, we ask questions, we get answers and build relationships.

Markets have had many problems but one they have continuously excelled in is diversity and equality, welcoming all cultures, from market traders to market shoppers, and this is something I feel we should be proud and take note of, this is what I love about markets.

Street food has played a big part in helping markets to be more diverse and help bring in more people of different nationalities, to share their national cuisine as well as try British dishes and infuse both together to give us great new dishes and celebrate differences. It is well known food is a universal language so thank you street food for helping make markets special.

“Food to a large extent is what holds a society together and eating is closely linked to deep spiritual experiences.”  Peter Farb/George Armelagos

please note image were obtained from the following links MurphysUrban, and information gathered from Where’s My Market?


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