Market Shoppers Blog on the NMTF: Part 3

The future

To conclude the series of the NMTF, we will look into what the NMTF has coming up, what is the future for NMTF and how this can benefit the market traders. From the introduction to the NMTF in part 1, and then the first pitch campaign amongst others being highlighted in part 2, it is only right we look into what this great company has planned, and find out what we should look forward to. Continue reading


Back to the future: The National Youth Market is Back!

The National Youth Market is Back!

The Young Entrepreneurs, our modern geniuses, the untamed minds have returned to take part in this year’s showcase of young market talent, of which will take place in Manchester, this September.  These young traders will bring their skills and ingenuity and great products which are accompanied by their unique personalities when they return to king street. Continue reading