About Us

Hello world and welcome to Market Shoppers, the blog of first hand experience and knowledge of our local markets. Our aim here is to provide you with information about your local markets and traders to ensure you have the best experience as possible when shopping at markets. This will be through different aspects such as providing you with tips, from bus times, car parking, local attractions, food places, toilets, stores and products and the markets general knowledge, to the smell, the customer service given, the level of genuine attentiveness given to you, the customer, to the less polite people, and to the bargains, as of course, we all know and love bargains.

I promise to my readers that I will be as accurate as possible and provide the most honest feedback on experience of visiting markets whether good or bad and shall not provide a biased opinion based on how I have been treated from that market.

My intention is to be informative whilst sometimes providing wit, and also learning and interacting with anybody interested.

What I want from my readers and bloggers is interaction and collaboration to share knowledge so we can all benefit and give our much loved, and often neglected, markets some positive exposure and history.

Did you know Marks and Spencer’s and New look started on a market? Nope? Well you do now.

Most Common Question asked to me;

Q/ What can I do for the Markets?

A/ Well for now all I can do is be a voice for the traders and shoppers, any concerns or problems that are brought up to me i do my best to get those problems recognised by the necessary organisations, through this blog which has been viewed over a 2,000 times since the launch in august 2015 to early October 2015 and has had over 870 visitors in this period.

Also through my Social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, I started this project in august 2015, and by early October 2015 have received just under 2,000 likes on the Markets still matter Facebook page, received over 450 follows on Twitter along with getting the big market organisations to recognise this blog, and other Markets foundations supporting Markets following me and interacting with me on twitter. I have also been in contact with many councils including Wolverhampton council and Walsall council bringing problems to their attention which are being looked into. and also connected with 100 people on LinkedIn, whilst also attending Seminars and Master classes to help improve and better my self for Markets.

So far, my aims are to help Market traders and improve Markets by making them more appealing and bringing you more customers. As i am only starting there is only so much i can do at the moment as i am a little fish in a big pond, but i will make all the right noises so i can make that difference eventually.

Thank you.

Hope you enjoy and subscribe.