How joining Where’s My Market? can help your market stall.

Where’s My Market? has released a great blog on exactly how they can help market stalls in the West Midlands with some great examples to help market traders and operators to gain a better understanding of the market stall directory.

The post reads as follows:

The question has been asked of how can Where’s My Market? help me?

Besides the obvious listing appeal, the extra marketing, and keeping market stalls connected with the customers online, there is a whole lot more. In light of this, we have simply demonstrated just a few examples on how Where’s My Market? can push your market stall.

Gift stalls – Flowers/Candles/Cards

There are many ways we can help your stall boost trade with extra marketing pushes on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s day to name a few. It is in these periods where your stall can make the most of being listed on our directory, where shoppers usually conform with local trends, and are more inclined to buy flowers as a gift choice. At the moment supermarkets dominate these periods with their big marketing schemes and this is a reason why many opt to buy flowers at a higher price than they would at their local market.

Read the rest of this post via the following link: How can Where’s My Market? help me?

Market Shoppers Blog - Defy the Decline - Where's My Market?

Please note this article was obtained from the following website: Where’s My Market?


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