Where’s My Market

Hello Reader,

As you may know I (Market Shoppers blogger), have opened up recently about my latest project which aims to improve markets, starting around the West Midlands and potentially expanding, provided the difference can be made around the West Midlands.

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Market Shoppers Blog on the NMTF: Part 1

Since I have started blogging for markets I have began to learn a lot about an organisation known as the National Market Traders Federation also known as the NMTF, which in my opinion is the best market dedicated organisation out there at the moment with many plus points such as products and service they provide to markets and traders, recognised and respected branding as well as being recognised the most with market traders I have spoken with; they are also a top result on google when searching for information on markets.
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We Made Virgin’s StartUp of the Week: Where’s My Market?

Recently I had my start up loan and business plan accepted by virgin start up’s which enables me to start pursuing the next phase in restoring markets to the previous greatness.

Underneath is the interview and write up from Virgin start up’s and website link encase you want to read it on there, or apply to.

Our Virgin StartUp of the Week is Where’s My Market, a new online platform with all the information about local markets that you need. Continue reading