Could markets and schools combine?

Who doesn’t love a combination of two great things that make a greater invention? For example peanut butter and jam, cheese and crackers, spaghetti and meatballs, oreos and milk, or the age old classic salt and pepper? Now this makes me wonder: would it be possible if schools could use markets as a Continue reading


Penkridge Market: One of West Midland’s Finest

Market Shoppers Blog has been on its travels again and this time we had the honour of being invited to Penkridge market in the West Midlands for Where’s My Market? Penkridge market is quite a spectacular place, and this is the only market in a long while that has managed to give me a feeling similar to what markets of the past were like. Penkridge market is truly a great market and has somehow managed to implement modern practices in business management and marketing and has still kept its market values and qualities by captivating and storing its history in the market.

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