Where’s My Market? on Defying the Decline in markets.

Where’s My Market? have a post in there news where they discuss defying the decline in markets, i feel this is something my followers  need to read as many key points are pointed out and it makes for a good read.

Markets have a lot more to offer and a platform like Where’s My Market? allows markets to do just that, this is what the industry needs. Continue reading


Our 50th Market Blog: A market re-cap

Since I started market shoppers blog in August of 2015, I have been releasing a minimum of 2 blogs a month, covering various issues with markets. Some people have loved my blogs and some people have hated them but we can’t please everybody. Nonetheless I have kept the blogs going and here we are today with blog number 50, 10,000 views, and over 5,000 visitors, without implementing SEO. Continue reading

The Market Shoppers Blog list of top 10 basic market problems, part 2:

The Top 10 Basic Market Problems: Part 2

Last month you would have read 10 basic market problems part 1, and realised there were only 5 problems listed, re-read the title and realised it’s only part 1. I know this because this was put forward to me by followers on twitter.

Here are the other 5 of 10 basic market problems of the past years via Market Shoppers Blog, Continue reading