Dudley is a part of the Black Country and the home to the Black Country Living Museum, Dudley Castle and Dudley Zoo. Dudley was known to be one the birthplaces of the industrial revolution, and also the home to TV comedian Lenny Henry who you may have seen on TV.


Did you know?

  • Dudley Market, has recently been bought off the council by the locals of the market, so now, it is privately owned by the market owners. It is assumed they saw problems and in order to prevent them they took matters into their own hands, and for that traders, we cannot knock you for being ambitious and wish you good luck.
  • The anchor for the Titanic was made in the Black Country in 1911 by Noah Hingley and towed to Dudley train station by 20 shire horses to start its journey to Belfast.
  • The Black Country had one of the lowest life expectations in history; the smog and grime of the industrial revolution took its toll on the population. In 1841 the average age of death in the Dudley parish was just 16 years and 7 months. An 1852 report states that ‘it is the most unhealthy place in the country’. READ MORE


Dudley Market

  • Opening days, times and location:
    • Everyday apart from Sunday between 8am and 5pm
    • Located on Ednam Road – DY1 1HL

More information can be found at Dudley Market

Dudley Market has 2 markets:
The indoor market, which has everything from furniture stores, to smoking appliances stores, electrical good stores, to clothes stores and even a café at the very end for everybody to enjoy as well as very pleasant people.

The outdoor market, on the other hand, has a wide variety from baby clothing stores, with a very polite lady who makes items to order on the store at the time of order which is pretty unique and may I add the quality looked better then some big brands out there, as well as some other stores with very polite people, BUT it is a shame it can’t be said about everybody on the outdoor market as some traders, are very rude, impolite and unpleasant which ruins it for the nice traders.

Please note all information provided is general knowledge and gathered from Dudley Market & Dudley news and pictures have been obtained from Dudley market pictures and wiki media


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    • Yes i found out on my visit by the traders, when doing some research . Which i fount interesting enough to share if there is anything you know or may like to add and can back it up just get intouch


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