Market Traders and Networking Events

Market Networking Events for all stakeholders in the Market is a must!

Being a start-up business today means I have had to learn a few new things, one of which is learning about business networking. This has meant that I have attended BES ltd and Virgin Start Up networking events, hosted by Glenn Watts; the things I have learned from attending these events has helped me enormously in my journey, with blogging, business and networking, which leads me to this blog. Continue reading


Crazy Market: Taking markets out their comfort zone!

Crazy Market!

Taking the Markets out of their comfort zones!

What was the best market you visited? As a customer? Was it a normal market or a crazy unique market? Have you ever even been to a crazy market? Do you know what a crazy market is? Well there’s nothing official for what a crazy market is but what I would describe a crazy market as is just a market that’s out of the ordinary, has a little added funk to it – something very different from your very normal market day or way of how a market trades. A crazy market is a market with a unique identity, that creates great memories, like the Birmingham Christmas markets for example. Continue reading