Herefordshire has numerous markets in areas such as Hereford, Leominster, Kington and Ross on Wye which are all part of Herefordshire, as well as the famous and well known Hereford butter market.


Did you know?
  • Hereford is known as the cathedral city, Hereford first found prominence associated with their Cathedrals that were originally built using wooden materials and in later years replaced with more hard-wearing stone work. Later stone constructed buildings were attacked by nearby residents from Wales and the invasions were responsible in obliterating the earliest known stone structure of 1012AD a few years later, in 1055.


Hereford opening days, times and location:

Hereford Market:

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday – 9am – 4pm.
  • Located on High Town and Commercial Street area, in the heart of the city centre, HR1 1AA

Hereford Buttermarket:

  • Open six days a week, Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm
  • Located at The Buttermarket, High Town, Hereford HR1 2AA

Other markets include:

  • Kington Market – Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday – for time and location click here
  • Ross on wye weekly markets – Thursdays and Saturdays, for time and location click here

Hereford market_

Other markets are the Leominster Friday market, more information for this can be found at Leominster council, and other farmers markets are on the first Friday of every month in ross on wye for more information click here.

Please note all information displayed on this page, is general knowledge and information obtained from the following webpages Hereford council, Leominster council, ross on wye council , kington council and Hereford webpage and pictures were obtained from go Herefordshire, blog spot, and herefordfutures.


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