Imagine; A future without markets

Whether you use markets or not, can you imagine a future with no markets? Because at some point we all have to use a market as generally we want something cheap or different. The market is the only place that can consistently satisfy those needs.

Imagine without markets the inflation of prices in places such as supermarkets, shops etc… in terms of fresh and organic fruits. It can be argued that it may be because of markets that these places charge so little and try and compete on low prices for fruit. For instance, imagine there are no markets to buy your fruit and veg, Tesco knows that you can’t get this from anywhere else, so they can sky rocket prices and keep rising gradually. It somehow reminded me of the film The Wolf of Wall Street – you know the scene with the pen? Yes, supply and demand, plus where is the best place to get your freshest fruit and veg? Genuinely, I would say it is the local market; you know from a market the fruit you may get will be freshly grown, and have all the proper qualities that fruit is meant to have, not like the supermarkets’ products from here, there and everywhere that are grown indoor in sheds with a lot of chemical substances or who knows what is involved. Supermarkets buy fruit that is no good and sell it to the shoppers cheap, it’s that simple. Although they are a big well known name when it comes to our health, with healthy products they like to cut corners because everybody is well aware that these products, fresh and organic, come at a cost to sell to the large scale that they have to reach, so much so that they simply cannot compete with local market stalls on fresh food.

fruit and veg visual photos

Imagine the winter has come and you are cold, where do you go to buy your gloves? I go to the market because if I go to the shops I am paying 10 pound minimum but when I go the market I pay 3 pound max, I don’t need designer gloves do I? Why should I buy designer gloves to then not want to wear or use them as when it snows I can’t even pick up a snow ball to throw at my friend because I will have to buy new gloves as they can’t handle snow?! BUT, if I go to the market these gloves are designed for that exact use and last, plus I don’t mind if I lose them for 3 pound I can go back and buy more, and the same applies with scarves. Markets satisfy our needs when it comes to the simple products so well that people like to put a brand name on the very same thing and sell up.


Imagine if you wanted to buy a new vase for the flowers you have received for your birthday or your boyfriend who has been bad and is trying to make it up to you, where are you going to buy that vase from? The markets gone so you are not getting for those knock off prices anymore. Or if you, are you know for sure everybody else has that same vase. Markets allow us to stand out with our products and give the satisfaction of a bargain, and what is the definition of a bargain? It is getting a product that nobody else has got for a cheap price, or even if everybody can have the product but you got it cheaper, or got one for you and one for your daughter/son.

vase 1

Imagine the only place you can buy your curtains and rugs and other inhouse fabrics/upholstery is from Dunelm – we are all doomed, we can’t all afford Dunelm it’s that simple. Plus why travel all the way to dunelm just for net curtains at extortion prices when the markets used to sell them for next to nothing, and now all of a sudden I have to go Dunelm once a pay day just to cover all the windows in my home.


Above all, imagine if you can’t go to one place to gather all these products anymore, imagine you want to go buy fruit you have to travel 5 miles north, for curtains 3 miles south, inhouse fabrics 7 miles east and gloves 10 miles west, now that is some time consumption as well as the ridiculous travel costs about! In addition you have to carry all these products to different destinations – it is all far too inconvenient and a lot of effort as me, personally, I don’t like effort! I am a male so I like easy, relaxed and minimal effort, so to speak. I am all for the easy life, that is what markets provide for us – can you tell me anywhere you can go in England where they have all the products in stalls right next to each other? And for the cheapest prices? If you can please do, but I know you cannot. The only place to provide this is the market, love them or hate them they are a big part of our economy and our living and I will argue that without markets this would enable the bigger companies an advantage on us as consumers and they would undoubtedly turn up prices ridiculously.

bilston market geograph

Finally, imagine a future without markets, what would the town look like? How many people would be out of jobs, how much would the big companies charge up on us? Imagine not having that atmosphere, imagine no noise, imagine where are the future entrepreneurs going to start out, imagine no opportunity. Imagining life without markets? I can’t! It is too boring, markets fill out our communities with atmosphere, cheap burgers off the burger vans and provide our town with extra toilets (although not clean), extra bus routes, give us something to do and somewhere to go and mainly make my nan happy as she loves to go to the market each week to get her meat, grab some bargains for my mom’s home, and more importantly where is she going to buy me my birthday and Christmas present with her pension money and still have some left over??!

I can’t imagine life without markets, but if there was to be no markets I can imagine everybody wishing we still had a market and talking about what we could get from the market before with our future generation, and them not believing us. I can imagine my nan being bored and having one less place to go to, and I can’t imagine life without the best salesmen/grafter in the world being unable to showcase their entertaining ‘gift of the gab’ talents. Also, I can’t imagine not being able to sometimes just go to the market to grab a bargain, have a negotiation and test my haggling skills.

Please note pictures were obtained from the following links visual photos, Georgina Thomas Blog, rococo-florist and kennycarpets and geograph.


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