A generation markets will need to appeal to: What is a market to me?

I’ll be the first to admit I know very little about markets, but maybe that is part of the problem. I wouldn’t consider myself to be alone either; fewer and fewer young people are taking an interest, leading to a decrease in the overall population that actually visits their local markets.

But what actually is a market? What does the word ‘market’ mean to young people, and why is the popularity of markets declining? Continue reading


Cradley Heath are Closer to imagining a future without markets.

Recently the news was released of the Cradley Heath market and their unfortunate closure in the express and star newspaper. It was reported that towards the end there was a total of 1 stall holder with many traders opting for joint ventures and renting out shops in the area, as opposed to the market as this simply worked out cheaper due to rent rates, which is scary to know that a brick and water building would be cheaper or more profitable to rent as opposed to a market stall. Continue reading