Cannock Chase Markets

Recently I had gotten in contact with a woman named Linda, (assistant manager at Cannock market, who also oversees the Prince of Wales market) for matters involving Where’s My Market? and also gaining extra recognition and promotion for Cannock Chase markets and their traders.

I had arranged to have a meeting with Linda to go and see the markets, potentially speak to and sign up some traders from Cannock market, Rugeley market and Prince of Wales market which I later did that day, (see below).

I must say, Linda is a very well educated lady with the market well and truly at her heart. I can confirm this from meeting with Linda, we sat down and discussed the markets, the problems it is facing and how we could potentially help each other etc. What I found fascinating, which I had not seen a lot in other people I’d met, was Linda’s desire to improve the market as I was throwing ideas out there Linda was always a step ahead, as she explained that they had tried a lot already and still were still trying. Cannock market at the time of our meeting, were going through the process of adding an extra market day to the Cannock market schedule in an attempt to improve the market and footfall, which I can confirm has now been granted and will be effective as of April 2017.

Linda also discussed the market getting in contact with the local Cannock radio Cannock radio and using them to help promote the market, and in return the market always locks into Cannock radio; even the local artists who play on Cannock radio come down to the market and sell their products too. It is these local collaborations that make markets, markets are at the centre of everything and everybody has a place in the market place. Linda has shown she does not just have Cannock markets in her best intentions but the whole of Cannock. She understands what markets need and we both agreed on the use of online advertising to attract more youth into the markets as shoppers and traders.

Cannock market and Prince of Wales market are right next to each other, and to me I would just say they are one market so I will talk about these markets as one, (although please note they are separate entities). I had visited these markets twice, once for the meeting where I had a walk around and the other to speak with traders, so I could make a good analysis of the market. What I saw was huge potential, the market is in a good location, they have a good market manager, very nice market traders and all the right ingredients to be successful especially with this extra day being granted. Now the only downfall, which is being amended with the efforts of the Cannock chase market management, is that they could benefit from a few more traders. They are not empty but have some empty stalls, stalls that people could create an empire from so if you know anybody that’s interested, get in contact.

Rugeley market was the 3rd market of the Cannock chase markets which I visited, and in Rugeley markets defence I did come down on a bad day. It was the day of Storm Doris, the wind was horrible, trees falling, brollies flying, the area was deserted more or less, so when I entered the very good looking Rugeley market I could excuse it for not being so busy. Nonetheless, I still walked around and spoke with traders, many of which were still positive such as Holly from Holly’s café on the market, who also runs a charity stall on the market for people with mental illness. People can donate things for this stall, and should Holly deem them fit, she puts them on display where people can purchase items for donations. It is really a good model which I may not be doing it justice with my explaining.

What I learned about Rugeley market is again it really does have a lot of potential, it is glowing, it is clean. When you enter you will probably be greeted by Holly, the market as a whole is very welcoming, but it is definitely in need of more traders. It has a lot of traditional traders and stalls, but I feel with an injection of youth, a bit more of diversity which attracts other crowds, a fruit and vegetable stall, scented candles and perfumes, this market could really be an award winning market candidate. So, if you know anybody interest in market trading in the Rugeley area please get in contact, and if you are unsure look up some of the market success stories of Poundland, M&S, Tesco and Dunelm and start your empire here.

Meet some of the Market stalls from Cannock Chase Markets:

Cannock Markets: It’s a Woman’s World


Great stall, even greater lady, you will be sure to leave It’s a Woman’s World smiling.

Cannock Markets: Fairy Wishes


The creativity from this Fairy Wishes, is something else you really need to see yourself.

Prince of Wales Markets: Army & Navy Surplus


If i could only use one word for this stall it would be Professional.

Rugeley Markets: Holly’s Café


Holly’s cafe all i can say is go and experience it for your self, words cant describe.

Rugeley Market: Phone-Link


Phone-link has everything you would want from a phone stall, plus more (Vapes)


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