Where’s My Market? on Defying the Decline in markets.

Where’s My Market? have a post in there news where they discuss defying the decline in markets, i feel this is something my followers  need to read as many key points are pointed out and it makes for a good read.

Markets have a lot more to offer and a platform like Where’s My Market? allows markets to do just that, this is what the industry needs.

The post reads as follows:

You may have been aware of the decline occurring in markets over the years, both internally with the demise of market traders retiring from the trade to try out more secure options, and externally with reductions of the markets themselves. It appears markets are seemingly appealing less to start up’s as an option, and not providing enough stability for traders to persevere due to major factors such as the increase of larger supermarkets being built nearby, as well as online shopping being used more frequently today, which are what many traders have suggested as an explanation for the reduction of footfall in markets.

To read the full post click on the following link: Defy The Decline

Market Shoppers Blog - Defy the Decline - Where's My Market?

Please note the information obtained was from the following website: Where’s My Market?

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