Coventry Market has been on their site since 1958 according to Coventry council, and are still maintaining to be one of the most successful markets in the country today. Coventry Market were voted the National Association of British Market Authorities’ Indoor Market of the Year for 2007 and Britain’s favourite Market in 2010.


Did you know?

coat-of-arms-currentThat a castle once existed in Coventry (Coventry castle), which is thought to be where they got their coat of arms from –  an elephant with a castle on its back to show strength and it was also rumoured that the elephant was holding Coventry castle which eventually vanished and decayed. In fact, for many years, historians haven’t been able to completely agree on the castle’s exact whereabouts – and in one or two cases – its very existence.


  • That Coventry was on more than one occasion the capital of England in the 15th century?
  • Or that Coventry is the 10th biggest city in England and 12th biggest in the whole of the UK.
  • Coventry is the world’s first “twin city” with a Russian city now known as Volgograd and this happened during the second world war, and now the city is twinned with 23 other countries around the world.

Coventry Market Opening days, times and location:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 8.00am to 5.00pm
  • Thursday: 8.00am to 2.30pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 8.00am to 5.30pm
  • Located on Queen Victoria Road, CV1 3HT.


Coventry also has a food court in market way, and street trading in the Coventry city centre. As well as the market itself, Coventry also have their own farmers markets with the ones remaining for this year are as follows:

Aug 9: Old Fashioned Corn Roast & Youth Market
Aug 16: Fermentation Fest
Aug 23: Centerstage ~ Vegetables
Aug 30: Heirloom Expo
Sept 6: Oysters & Beer
Sept 13: Controversial Condiments Sept 20: Makers’ Market & Farm to Shaker
Sept 27: Fiber Twist & Bead Bash
Oct 4: Mighty Little Irish Fest
Oct 11: Cheese Fest & Potters’ Market
Oct 18: Farm to Latte
Oct 25: Harvest & Halloween LAST CALL!

More information on Coventry market can be found on Coventry council webpage and Coventry farmers market.

Please note information presented is general knowledge and information gained from Coventry council webpage and Coventry farmers market, Coventry history and pictures were accessed from geo photos, static flickr and Coventry pics.


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