Walsall is well known for their leather industry, for building saddles and harnesses, which is where the name ‘the saddlers’ came from for their shopping centre. It is also the name of their football team, Walsall FC (the saddlers) who have been around since 1888 and play in the English football League One at the Bescot Stadium, which also hosts a very popular Sunday market.


Did you know?

  • Walsall Market can be recorded as far back as 1219 and, in 1412, William Rufus, Lord of the manor of Walsall was granted the right to hold a weekly Market on Mondays and an annual Fair on St Matthew’s Day and its eve (20th & 21st September)? READ MORE..
  • Or that In 1997 Walsall Market was refurbished at a cost in excess of £700,000 and a new Market Bell was erected on the corner of Lower Hall Lane at a cost of over £13,000. The bell is now electronic and can be still be heard tolling at the start and close of the market. Please note this information has been gathered from Walsall council fact page which to be honest is a very boring piece of information, and a waste of money for a bell £13,000 which is now electric! Wow..I am disappointed, they probably could have bought one off Walsall market itself for cheaper!

But my personal view of Walsall is it is an overall alright town as it has all you need and that little bit extra. The majority of people are friendly, certainly the market store owners, who were very pleasant and polite which was very welcoming as well as some very individual market stores, such as the Perfume Scent market store, by the William hill on the corner near the post office, which has beautiful scents from all over the world. There are many other great and interesting stores which I will go into detail about in my blogs but it is definitely worth a visit as there is something unique about those market traders.

WD4163237@MARKET-12-SL-19_thumb the-current-rather-careworn-walsall-market-square-pic-stuart-williams

Walsall Council operates 3 markets in:


  • Opening days, times and location:
    •  Everyday but Thursday and Sunday between 8.30am and 5.00pm.
    • Located in Walsall town centre – WS1 1YS.


  • Opening days, times and location:
    •  Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from 9:30am to 4.00pm
    • Located in Market Place, Willenhall – WV13 2AA.


  • Opening days, times and location:
    • Tuesday, Friday & Saturday from 9.00am to 4.00pm
    • Located on Market Place – WS3 2JH.


  • Opening days, times and location:
    • Monday, Tuesday & Saturday
    • Located at Darlaston town – WS10 8DE

Walsall also have a great Sunday market located at Walsall football club’s Bescot stadium which opens from 9am to 4pm and has more or less everything up for sale as well as being a nice morning out unearthing great bargains and juicy burgers from the burger vans feeding all of us hungry bargain hunters.

More information can be found regarding these markets at Walsall council and information britiain.

Please note, all information has gather is general knowledge and from the Walsall council website as well as information Britiain webpage and pictures were obtained from the bloxwich telegraph and express and star


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