Why you should shop at the market over the supermarket: Part 1.

Why should you shop at the market as opposed to shopping at the supermarket?

This is the first in a series of blogs that addresses the notion that we should shop at the market instead of the supermarket; through these blogs I will approach the content in various ways in order to satisfy all of the market shoppers blog’s readers’ needs. For part one the blog will cover GMO, supermarkets exploiting farmers and 5p bags.


Well for starters, GMO stands for genetically modified organism, which in simpler terms basically means a product that has been altered from its natural habitat such as fruit, veg and meat. In drastic terms which I like to use a lot, GMO is basically Robo-Cop – he was a human, then he was modified to just a head on a machine, leaving the rest of him as something else. Continue reading


My Local Market; Bilston Market & Tips!

My Local Market

The only day I like to wake up early in the morning is market day as I like to go to the market café and start my day with a full English breakfast, a cup of tea, sometimes coffee or OJ with friends and other days I will go with my mom or nan which has it’s plus side such as breakfast is free! they do look after me, but at a cost as the down side is the slow walking and spending longer than I have to as they like to literally look through everything and love to haggle and the cheeky market traders trying to charm them into buying some pillows, they love it, but what can I do – I like to see them happy, and funnily enough this is what the market does. Continue reading