Cradley Heath are Closer to imagining a future without markets.

Recently the news was released of the Cradley Heath market and their unfortunate closure in the express and star newspaper. It was reported that towards the end there was a total of 1 stall holder with many traders opting for joint ventures and renting out shops in the area, as opposed to the market as this simply worked out cheaper due to rent rates, which is scary to know that a brick and water building would be cheaper or more profitable to rent as opposed to a market stall.

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This is scary to me as in one of my previous blogs I blogged about a future without markets, and from what I have read it would seem as though this was a real possibility for Cradley Heath, in the West Midlands. This is unfortunate as time and time again I am seeing too often, petitions to save markets and reports of markets facing closure, too many markets are neglected and when you visit some you can see that the future is looking bleak.

Gary Link, who had previously worked on the fish counter in the market, said the end of the market was incredibly sad.

“It was expected that it was going to happen as there was just one trader left in the end as most had moved on or moved into the shop units,” Mr Link said.

“Nevertheless I was still shocked as it used to be thriving and it was really sad to see it deteriorate. There have been rumours that it may be knocked down now or just have a big store take it over.”

Express and star

Despite an investment this market still closed down. With talk of knocking it down completely or a take over from another business to redevelop it to their needs, it is concerning they have been battling to save the market for a year and half and this was the outcome. This shows the market community needs to come together to survive, support and help each other fend off all the competition, it comes down to the battle of the fittest.

“Concerns were raised earlier this year about falling footfall at the 40-capacity market hall, despite a five-figure investment by the property group.

A spokesman for Oyster said: “The last year and a half we have been trying to revive the market and get it back to where it should be but we either did not have the right people coming in or they were just not coming at all.

“It was not very sustainable as the biggest kill was the rates.”

Express and Star

If you have been reading my blog over the past 9 months you will know I have mentioned this possibility for a few markets, and seeing this just shows that the possibility is more realistic. Nine months down the line, a market is closing because of rates after I highlighted this as a concern for markets all over the nation, surely something could have been done about this before it reached this stage, right? Obviously though, nothing was done and it is a simple solution now,  as they say they will rent out the space instead; nothing about how a part of history, community has been lost, let alone the potential to give 40 people the chance to begin their journey and exercise their entrepreneurial spirit with their market stall business.

The Central Market Hall on High Street is still open to shoppers.

The market had originally feared closure in 2014 having been placed in receivership, but it was bought out in time with plans for a revamp of the site promised.

 Express and star

New business being built in the space is great because it creates jobs short term, and soon which honestly is a good thing and I don’t want to come across rude, but I see potential in markets. So what I see is that 40 market stalls in the long run could equate to more jobs, provided a quarter are successful and grow like a tenth of the Poundlands and M & S did.

Please Note information was gained from Express and Star newspaper, and pictures were obtained from express and star facebook article comments, all names and pictures were blurred out.


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