Bescot Market

Recently on my market visits for Where’s My Market? I had the joy of visiting Bescot Sunday market in Walsall run by the Bescot Promotions, and all I can say is I was truly impressed.

This market was busy, full, loud and had a variety of different street foods and market stalls which really reminded me of markets of the past, the good old days, before the internet was what it is today; we used to play outdoors instead of play computers. This market still had it, this market was the real deal.

Bescot market is considered a success in my opinion, it has everything to be a great example for West Midlands markets. Even the little things made a big difference, like an easy to find location, free parking, a variety of street food vendors, from burger vans to ice cream vans, to ethnic foods and a good management team behind it.

I would strongly suggest visiting Bescot Sunday market, it is an experience that needs to be shared; it is a market that has everything. I feel you could go to this market looking for the most bizarre products and find them right here. I did not have the opportunity to get around all of the traders but the ones I did speak to were unique to say the least, such as:

Arabian Opulence (see below) the market stall which provides you with alcohol free oil based perfumes which are perfect for those with skin conditions/sensitive skin, and even better when trying to look after your skin.


Sharp Plates (see below) market stall is a great stall for Bescot market as it gives the market more variety with the products they sell. These range from number plate and car needs being catered for, which helps attract a different kind of customer to the market. This business is great, and the man behind it was a very welcoming and friendly character who is very easy to speak to.

sharp plates

The Coffee Stall (see below) is something new to me, and I can say it definitely sparked my ‘spidey’ senses as I had to purchase some for myself. This stall is unique as it sells branded coffee which is ideal for weight watchers and dieting. If that is not enough, they have many beautiful flavours, accompanied by a great service where they can grind the coffee beans to the requirements of your coffee machine.

the coffee stall

Vaping specialist (see below) is one of a few vaping stalls in Bescot market, run by a very clued up young gentleman who manages the stall near the market office. He is very knowledgeable about his product, and this is always an admirable quality when you want to buy something from somebody.

vape spec

FAD Fitness (see below) I did not get a chance to speak to this trader personally, but I did manage to see what they were about. The stall was the only stall I saw of this kind on the market which again, attracts a different type of customer to the market.  Amongst that, the product variation on this stall was huge, and I did notice that they had a large variety of big branded products which shows they care about quality.


Ben’s Whippy (see below) which attends this market on a Sunday as well as trading from Walsall market is truly the best ice cream in town. All I want to say is the sherbert cone is the winner – it was amazing! You need to visit Ben’s Whippy just for this alone. In my opinion Ben is the man, visit his vans – as soon as you can.

bens whippy


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