The Next Generation

Let’s start with the facts of today:

  • Young people want to be online.
  • The next generation have grown up with Facebook, the internet and social media as the norm. If they want to find anything they look online.
  • This is what they know, how they have grown up, they have missed the days when none of this was relevant and this is why markets do not appeal to the next generation.

To a generation that is classed as always on their phone how do you plan to capture them and make them valuable assets of markets and market valuable to them when markets aren’t online.

HOWEVER, the solutions are self-explanatory with the ways to reach the youth:

  • One way is television.
  • The other, is on online.

We are in a world now where reality TV dominates the youth. This being people watching other people’s lives on TV, and this is the norm today.

chn-5This shows how the world has changed from us being excited about getting a 5th channel to everybody now having 100 channels minimum. Back then adding another channel was a big thing because we never had that many as it was, and now if a new channel come nobody hardly notices. The point is this, in these times today, people have more options available, which results in a lot of ungrateful people who don’t appreciate what we have as we are spoilt with choice, and this exact logic applies to markets. Young don’t recognise what they have in markets, whether it be shopping or trading, because there are so many other options i.e. supermarkets, eBay, Gumtree and so much more.

Look at it like this the youth today would rather go and work in a supermarket and get paid next to minimum wage for the rest of their lives than follow their dream and ambitions and try and start their own enterprise.

It is crazy that people would rather work for pennies, than take a chance and consider starting their own business through a market. I don’t know if this is because the next generation are lazy, or are just simply unaware that markets are great to start.

Markets provide everybody with a do-able platform to start their journey to becoming wealthier. Markets, to the less fortunate are a big opportunity as they are affordable (depending on area) have a steady footfall, easy to locate, and are easy to apply for. Markets are surely, a better option than working for somebody else. Think about it, when working for somebody else, we just work, however working for ourselves, we can create more jobs, and in doing so influence others around us.

The youth of today watch a lot of television, they watch reality shows and all the latest movies and documentaries, because this has become a big part of our social lives. Everybody wants to be in the know, people want to go in to work Monday and understand what people are talking about when speaking about the X-Factor and Big Brother, or in my generation the likes of Geordie Shore and Love Island.

The younger generation are locked into television and I have no doubt if markets had more exposure on TV or were glorified in any certain way it would make it easier to attract the younger generation, as well as attract exposure. There needs to be a TV show on market traders and their journey emphasising the benefits and demonstrating the possibilities of greatness that could become of markets.

wifiThen, we have the online world: this is a no brainer when it comes to attracting the younger generations to market trading or operating. My generation and the next are naturally good with technology, and those 8 years younger than me don’t know of a world without computers as they would have had this all through schools and their childhood. This contrasts with my generation where it was getting implemented into the school curriculum. In turn, markets being online is a no brainer. The younger generation would love it if we could give them their physical stall as well as their online platform, where they can really shine and show their creative side on the online world in order to compete with other market traders in the only way they know how: through social media platforms and creating special and unique online profiles.

The younger generations are at the highest percentage for being online, so this is how markets should target them through online advertising, social media campaigns, keep putting the opportunities in front of them and eventually they will take them.

Eight years ago, I was eighteen and I was not sure what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do I just felt the pressure as everybody else seemed like they had decided so I had to. However, I later found out everybody else was in the same unsure boat as me and this is the problem when getting to an age where you’re legally considered an adult. There is a pressure on people to choose something they want to do for the rest of their life with no experience in that field, and the options they feel they have don’t include market trading. They have business courses, but not any market trading courses up until now, with Keeley Flint’s ‘How to start a market stall’. These kinds of opportunities need more exposure and online, social media and television are the methods that need to be utilised to their maximum.

Please note pictures were obtained from memes and bing

2 thoughts on “The Next Generation

  1. Superb blog. I agree with the majority of the sentiments. However, ever retail is hard work. The trick for youngsters is to get them over the bleak times when trade is slow and the initial motivation and buzz starts to wane. The easiest way would to have a buddy system with existing market traders but they don’t necessarily have the skills, the time or the nounce to engage with the social media age. I would like the Princes Trust engaged where they have a vast pool of employers in all sectors who can mentor the youngsters. Other option is to engage the big employers to mentor the kids under a CPD banner. Just some thoughts

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