Don’t Hold Back Your Market

As a consumer don’t hold your market back and buy products from your supermarket when you know you can get them fresh and GMO free in fresh food cases from your very own market. A family member of mine recently did this and popped into a certain supermarket for some eggs. When she decided to cook some, she was mortified, and put off her food to say the least, because the egg was cracked and what came out was something I have never seen before and to be honest, never knew that this could happen. Inside the cracked egg was blood, and bloody veins, with a cracked egg yolk it looked revolting. (That revolting that I have chosen not to upload the picture.)

farm eggs - market shoppers blogMe being a market man, holding back my urge to vomit, could not resist the urge for the opportunity to emphasise the fact that if this egg was from a farmers market this would not have happened. The response to this was that it was easier to pop into the supermarket as it was quicker and easier than to go or locate the closest open market as the local was not open on this day. In all honesty, this was a fair reply but the rewards of this thought process came at a cost of quality to the product they were trying to purchase, and could have been worse and possibly damaging to your health.

What was said this day was the reason this blog is being brought to your attention. Consumers are holding back markets for the convenience of a quicker service and I am unsure if they are aware that this service is coming at a cost in terms of quality in what they purchase, amongst many other environmental and economic factors. These include consumers shopping at supermarkets over markets, which makes no sense as who knows where the supermarket is reinvesting that money? But we all know where the local market trader’s money would be reinvested – in local businesses back into the local economy, so the money can be spent on improvements for your markets’ area.

closed-dhopsImagine a future without markets; this not only affects the market but this effects small towns too and shopping centres as markets are what attract a lot of the consumers. Markets are good social environments, and give many of us especially the elderly a reason to leave the house, so without markets what would we do? When we have no shops in small town high streets because the lack of consumers, which could potentially result in more closed businesses in your town, towns and markets work in harmony both benefiting off one another and supporting each other equally.

Would you be happy if all we had to buy things from was the supermarket’s? Truly fresh produce would be a thing of the past, and we would all basically be eating microwave meals, or ordering produce from dodgy Mike on an internet selling site, no more face to face contact with the person that chose your products for you. But I guess it’s ok because you can just see one of their employees who don’t care as long they get paid. Would you be happy?

Why hold your market back in favour of a supermarket? Especially when markets do it for us, create for us, give back to us, markets even feed us! Defy the decline in markets and don’t hold your market back by rejecting it. Instead support it and go visit your market and talk about them. I am not saying don’t go to the supermarket by any means, but what I am saying is it is fresher, better, cheaper and higher quality to purchase some items from your local market. This way you are not only supporting markets but you are also supporting small local businesses – and most importantly your area when you shop local.

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