New Market Traders: Don’t Give up!

It seems there may be a situation worth bringing up which questions why new traders are starting up and closing down so quickly.

If you are new to market trading, I want to say this to you: hang in there, you will get there, your attitude will get you there. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, it took God 7 days to build Earth, so if you enter market trading and you think you will hit it off straight away – I’m sorry but you have another thing coming, unless you are really fortunate which some will be. As for the majority of us, anything that is worth anything is worth waiting for and that is the best approach in viewing your business.


You may have days where you think what is the point and feel like giving up, but never do that; instead of thinking of quitting, think what else can you do? Address your problems or try at the very least. I want you to know as long as you wake up in the morning, travel to your market stall, set it up, and even if you just end up standing there all day being quiet at least you’re there trying. If your are finding it tough, speak with your market manager, there are plenty of solutions out there for you if you just ask. Please don’t be easily put off, there are solutions whether this may be market trader training, a change of product, advertising, or even just a rearrangement of your display or selling style.

When starting a market stall not many people will know you are there or new as most markets generally don’t promote a new stall. What you need to do is take this up yourself through various forms such as word of mouth, online advertising, traditional advertising such as flyers – get out there and hand them out. Offer discounts or tasters to attract customers, make sure to speak to everybody make them laugh and build a rapport, speak to your neighbour trader, they may have some tips for you, or can even recommend their customers to take a look at your stall.


When visiting markets I have noticed a lot of traders are close and help each other out a lot, after all they see each other most days. Market trading is a community and your success and your neighbours success effects the market as a whole, because if you are successful you are bringing more trade and more customers to the market, which in return increases everybody chances of making money, getting noticed and the market popularity.

It is easy to quit, it is easy to stop, it is easy to be negative, but if you are a market trader you don’t understand any of those words. Once you are a market trader, all you understand is keep going, keep pushing, and keep pushing your neighbours too. We all will have bad days but we have to think there is always people worse off than us, and most of us don’t even do it for ourselves we do it for our families there is no harm in trying and it genuinely not working out sometimes, as long as you genuinely tried and gave it your all.


Think about when you were younger did you visit the market? Do you still remember those visits today as clear as yesterday? That is because those days where we visited the markets that market trader left us with a lasting impression; we had fun, there were lots of things to buy, bothering our parents for money, all the noise and the market trader shouting at the top of his voice, in a funny voice to get his customers which we found hilarious. I remember the market trader seeing how much I wanted a game and doing my mum a discount so I could get it. Markets are a community not just within the traders but their customers too. If you choose to be a market trader, you are not just a business owner or a very good salesmen, you are also creating younger kids’ memories and inspiring them to follow their dreams, just like you did.

Don’t quit so easily, markets are what helps you make your dreams come true. Through markets you can be self employed and make a living. You have a chance to grow and expand such as the likes of Poundland and Tesco markets which are the platform for us who live in the more disadvantaged areas, with fewer opportunities to climb and make our difference. So I would advise you not to give up after your 1st or 30th bad day. Keep going, just try something new, ask for your neighbour’s advice or your market managers. Get some form of market or retail training, or perhaps try a new product or pricing structure because, for every problem, if you look hard enough – you will find a solution.


Please note pictures were obtained from the following web link: tamala Huntley, daily inspiration, limited.


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