A Positive Review on Markets

Let’s get straight to the point and talk about the good that is happening in markets today. As a blogger it is easier to talk about the negative aspects of what is happening in markets today as generally, when bringing up anything that is regarded as an issue, it is more often than not going to be viewed negatively. You could say it is easier to be negative than it is to be positive when approaching issues, so today I thought it may be a nice change to highlight what is happening that is positive for markets as a focal point.

Since I started blogging for markets over a year ago I started with questions and issues, of which I still have plenty of, but it has been nice to see and realise markets are cared about by more people than initially thought, and that more and more are stepping up and trying to make a difference, trying to keep our market traditions and keep our markets alive.

Firstly, the markets’ issues are getting noticed, and actioned, with the leading organisations leading the way very well such as the NMTF, NABMA, Mission 4 Markets campaign and the Love Your Local Market campaigns. These companies combined get markets so much nationwide exposure and help keep markets relevant. The organisations combined have brought us The National Youth Market, Love Your local Market fortnight, Mission 4 Market Start up loans, The Great British Market Awards, market trader memberships, helplines, market conferences and lobbying.

around of aplause

Let’s look at NMTF’s partnership with chip and pin solutions, chosen because of their outstanding customer service and product, NMTF were striving to get the best for their members and markets by identifying a problem and providing it with a solution. It is common sense in our day and age, with all of our technology, that markets need to be able to make sales with online banking transactions due to the amount of people that actually carry cash now compared to cards. Once this is implemented across markets as whole, traders and markets will reap the benefits.

We have the NABMA providing us with the Great British Market Awards each year, recognising markets, operators and traders for all the hard work they do each year, plus it is friendly competition as all markets want to do well but all want to be officially dubbed as the best. NABMA provide this platform, and in return the awardees get rewarded, with markets promoted and recognised.

We have the National Youth Market, yet again identifying the problem of not enough young market traders and addressing it, inspiring the young to take part. There is also the NMTF partnership with job centre plus, taking those who find it hard to get a job and giving them the best job in the world – by giving them a chance to work for themselves, be self employed and hopefully in the future create jobs for a lot more.

We have Christmas markets bringing joy to many towns, families and shoppers, fully embracing the Christmas spirit and helping others to do this by giving people something different, by creating memories and setting the atmosphere, all because of markets.

trial and error

Markets have a lot to look forward to, as they may have a lot of issues, they also have plenty of hope. If we go back again to when I started blogging just over a year ago, I did not hear of many organisations, and this was a problem. Since then, I have learned a lot and we have a lot to look forward to, such as my own solution in Where’s My Market? , focused on advertising market traders in the West Midlands (at the moment), as well as others so we have growth in the advertising of market traders sector, which can only be good for market traders.

We have Keeley Flint’s Market Trader training services of How to Start a Market stall website, focused on helping new traders find their feet, and teaching current traders the necessary tactics and skills needed to be a successful market trader. We also have this blog which is the only market blog at the moment, but it still brings attention to markets and provokes discussions. We have Streetzine  which is heavily involved in street food and markets, we have the MTN who do a great job on keeping us all up to date on the latest market goings on, and providing the necessary information required.

On top of all of that, the good thing is we have a lot more, with people and organisations who are doing so much that I have not had a chance to mention, for which I do apologise but promise to address in the future.  Markets have a future, there are many of us committed to making this the best possible future and playing our part. There are, as with anything, issues, some of which are being addressed – and the ones that aren’t will unfortunately keep getting brought up until they are fixed.

If you wanted to enter the world of market trading I personally would encourage you to do so. There are so many great successes from markets, and markets are the ultimate testing ground, but if you can get through it you can get through anything. Lord Sugar himself, uses a market task every year on The Apprentice, to help him choose his apprentice – just remember that.

Markets do actually still Matter.


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