My first time visiting Coventry Market

The other day I visited Coventry’s award winning market for the first time, this market I have never visited in my life before, but I will tell you something I will definitely be visiting again. I chose to visit on a Monday due to other commitments I have as this was the best day for me to look around and speak with people.

First impressions when locating the market were how convenient and cool that the market is actually a part of the big Coventry town and links off from the shopping centre. Considering I had never been to Coventry market before, the market was easy to locate due to the great market signs directing us straight to the market itself.


Once in Coventry market I was there to let traders know about signing up on the promo package for Where’s My Market? but being a blogger of markets I couldn’t help just analyse the market as a neutral, and what an amazing place it is, it is so huge, with many great looking stalls everywhere, with the most polite and pleasant traders and a lot of diversity under one roof. I could see why this market was an award winning market – it had bags of potential and just the right atmosphere, although granted market rent has seen some people leave the markets or relocate, this market still seemed fine and busy enough on a Monday for me to have hope.

What I think makes this market is the traders – for example the first person I spoke to properly was from HSJ watches stall directly opposite from JC Wild. HSJ watches had been a family run business stemming from Dudley market, passed down and now are trading from Coventry as the man that runs the store noticed there wasn’t enough opportunity and a fast decline with no help from Dudley market, so his best bet was to up and move to Coventry to gain trade, and this is exactly what he did. I was standing speaking with him for over 45 minutes literally as we kept having to stop due to the amount of customers he had. I am not exaggerating, in those 45 minutes he had easily 15 to 20 people all come and purchase a product or service off him, in 45 minutes wow this guy had made the right decision to relocate. On top of this he was so pleasant to his customers and I and was very open minded, which is never a bad thing in business, so immediately this person left me with great first impressions of himself and the market.

H S J Watches and Jewellery - Where's My Market? -

After speaking with HSJ watches I continued to walk around some more, much to my delight, I kept seeing the market manager, out of his office and interacting with market stall holders and customers, and can I just say what a nice man he was – very approachable, friendly and fair. It was clear to see he cared about his market, and was an eye opener from me as many other markets I have visited I haven’t seen the market manager walking around, and if I have they have not been very pleasant at times. So to see this manager walking around interacting, keeping a close eye on his market and traders I know this market should not be closing down any time soon, even through their Twitter and Facebook you can see Coventry market is cared about. They give the market a push on social media which is the effort and it accounts for a lot as it can bring that extra one customer to your stall or make that one extra person talk about the market to their friend, which in return can lead up to a Coventry market shopping spree.

Where's My Market? - Rolleze -

After analysing my surroundings and admiring, it was time to carry on so I spoke to the man from Rolleze market stall, and may I just say I officially dub this guy the smartest man on Coventry market. He’s a young guy, selling smoking accessories and vape accessories, but this man is very clued up, especially with the online world and of course with the smoking accessories and vaping world, as vapes stalls are one of the market stalls I would say is not in danger and is hot news if you are looking to get into market trading. So a message from me to Coventry market speak with this guy he will be able to do great things or apply some great know how for your social media and website pages. Again, this guy is not only clued up and very smart, but he was very pleasant, very polite and very helpful, a pattern I am starting to notice about Coventry market and realising why it has done so well is because everybody is willing to help anybody. It is this attitude in the whole of the market that enables the market to retain their customers even on a Monday, may I add.

Jc Wild- Where's My Market?

After visiting and speaking with Rolleze, the next stall I visited as promised was Jc Wild opposite HSJ watches, and wow – now I know I sound like I am sucking up but honestly, the best customer service I have seen from a market trader. These guys knew their customers by first name, knew their birthdays, knew their family members and knew exactly what the customer liked and wanted. They would speak to them fair and watching from a distance it was like they were actually friends. I saw them make the customer a cup of tea and instantly knew how they liked it, i.e sugars, milk etc. This was second to none for me and JC wild instantly gained my respect, this being said let it be known this isn’t the only market stall I saw give their customers a hot drink. Again it comes down to Coventry market as a whole, are a market doing something right.

Now I have been itching to talk about this as this is probably so small, but I was so shocked that I couldn’t wait to let everybody know, but here it is – Coventry market toilets are cleaner than Buckingham palace! I know I may be exaggerating here but they are very clean. Considering how many people use these toilets throughout the day, I was expecting a mess but honestly if you are worried about toilets in Coventry don’t be, those cleaners are doing a great job all around you can see the market is clean. However, on a sour note the only bad thing I have to say about Coventry is for them to sort out a cheaper car park. I paid £8 for under 5/6 hours. The parking is a little too much and can be a deterrant but if you are reading this don’t let that put you off because what it lacks for in parking it makes up for in everything else, for sure this is now in my top 5 favourite markets.


Please note some pictures were obtained from Where’s My Market? or taken by myself all the information provided was from my personal visit to Coventry market which helped formed my opinions which I have shared.



2 thoughts on “My first time visiting Coventry Market

  1. Great to get a picture of a market striving indeed. It does help local people to visit when they can access positive readings about local markets.
    You’re right traders make markets through their offering, interaction and overall attitude. You are doing a great job promoting markets well done.


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