Market Traders and Networking Events

Market Networking Events for all stakeholders in the Market is a must!

Being a start-up business today means I have had to learn a few new things, one of which is learning about business networking. This has meant that I have attended BES ltd and Virgin Start Up networking events, hosted by Glenn Watts; the things I have learned from attending these events has helped me enormously in my journey, with blogging, business and networking, which leads me to this blog.


I noticed when attending these events there were a variety of people who were all different and had different products, however they were all in a similar market whether it be sales, buying, selling, services, website design, blogging etc. This aside, there were not many that I could relate to as easily, in regards to my work being predominantly based on market traders and stalls, unless they had something to sell on a market or were a council official. This lead me to think where are the market networking events for traders, one where councils, operators, traders, distributors and shoppers could use to meet and share new ideas, likes and dislikes. This way it benefits all stake holders as shoppers get a voice, traders get to listen and interact with operators and councils, as well as distributors.

bes networking event

BES Ltd Networking Event I attended taken (on the left) from the BES twitter feed

Regional monthly networking events can only be a good thing for the market community, and there should be at least one in each region as only good could come arise from this in my opinion. As with anything, there are of course a few problems, such as who would host and organise this, would people attend, how would you get the word about, cost and can you get all distributors, traders, operators, council, and shoppers in one place and how?

Where are these events on a bigger scale? This is being done in some places but not all, with credit to Keeley Flint who is one person that I know of that does these training masterclasses for traders and start up’s, which is a great way to network with people in similar fields, and genuinely tries to bring people in together. For example, I had a message the other day on twitter from Keeley mentioning that she is offering an hour’s worth of free training specific to market traders and street food sellers to anybody that would like to attend, on the 9th of June 2016. Now, if this would be of interest to you, CLICK HERE, but apart from Keeley and a few others, where are these events and why aren’t we utilising Keeley and the others experiences nationally, to help all market traders in networking events.


What have we as stake holders in the market got to lose in questioning or for pushing for something like this? It seems only natural; everyone else in the business world has something regular all over but it seems we in the market business world do not. We don’t have many local networking events where we bring everybody together to discuss topics and matters on our markets. This has been tried on our social media twitter page with numerous #markethour pages starting up but not really having much success. I mean maybe this is because discussions may be better in person, plus when face-to-face stakeholders can mix together better, collaborate and learn off of each other as well as trade tips. Networking events can help improve markets I am not saying this is the answer but it will be a good part of it; sometimes markets may need to be handled more like businesses.

Networking can also provide solutions. Imagine Bilston market for example, has too many fruit and veg stalls, but not enough baby clothing stores but Willenhall market down the road has a need for fruit and veg stalls, and Wolverhampton market has too many baby clothing stalls. With this in mind, a networking event would provide a platform for this information to be shared to benefit all, because by doing so, operators or traders from these markets mix together, share the relevant information and in turn this benefits traders, local economies, market shoppers and operators alike. This method could also provide a platform for a lot of solutions, and lead to an all-round happy market place.

Please Note Pics were obtained from the following links, theheartlink, BES twitter,


5 thoughts on “Market Traders and Networking Events

  1. Great contribution as always maybe you will have to elaborate more on the perceived benefits a market trader will gain attending networking events as many stalls are managed by the owner himself and there is only so much hour in a day to get to the stall, set it up, trade, clean, do the books and get back home. I agree sharing information is important but it should be more than information and experience sharing in my opinion.

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  2. Hello! I’ve been following your weblog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Tx!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!


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