Crazy Market: Taking markets out their comfort zone!

Crazy Market!

Taking the Markets out of their comfort zones!

What was the best market you visited? As a customer? Was it a normal market or a crazy unique market? Have you ever even been to a crazy market? Do you know what a crazy market is? Well there’s nothing official for what a crazy market is but what I would describe a crazy market as is just a market that’s out of the ordinary, has a little added funk to it – something very different from your very normal market day or way of how a market trades. A crazy market is a market with a unique identity, that creates great memories, like the Birmingham Christmas markets for example.

xmas market brum

I want to see a crazy Market every month in every region at least once a month. I want to see styled events with little trimmings from all the markets that have their own uniqueness such as the car boot market which anybody can get involved in and try their trade, to the youth markets where they bring young entrepreneurs to the public which provides us with a different market culture, new small businesses and products, and the love your local market events with their great campaigns.

I want a market to get taken out of its comfort zone every now and then and adapt. Imagine going to a market on canal boats, where traders sell from canal boats, to the public on a hot day a one off of course; or a market in a park (why not) where they can host huge fairs, or just markets in general in some great local stadiums such as Bescot market in Walsall’s stadium, or car circuits stadiums, small airport hangers – I think you are getting my point here. Obviously don’t take me too literal with some of these crazy ideas but those were just a few examples of taking a market outside its comfort zone. It is giving a market some added uniqueness, giving people more fun, more of a day out, if on a canal you can see and feed ducks etc. whilst also getting an experience of seeing a canal boat up close and personal. If on a football stadium you get that same experience and maybe it may cheekily help ladies get more men to come to the market with them! Or maybe even a small airport hangar! NOTE: to my readers if you set up a market like this send me an invite! I’m not a fan of planes as such but there is something about walking around an airport hangar because this is something not widely available so easily everyday especially whilst doing a little bit of market shopping.


But where are these markets? If they are there why aren’t they being shouted about, why don’t I know about them, and if I know about some as I do, then where are these type of markets in other areas and regions? Why is it only my region and a select few others that get to experience a market on the stadium grounds? And if I am experiencing this and others aren’t, then what are other experiences that maybe I am missing out on? I want to know where these markets are. I want to see them combine and share ideas so the uniqueness can be shared everywhere.

What I’m getting at is I want a crazy market. Everything I spoke about above and more; I love the casual markets we have already, but I want something more regular in the sense of a unique market, for example the Christmas German market in Birmingham which is local to me, has been a big success over the Christmas period, because it is unique and different. It introduces a different culture with different products and overall an experience people remember.


Question for the reader: what was the craziest market you have visited/worked on?  Was it a good day? And would you go again? Would you like to see more? Would you like to see more market variety in terms of market events for market traders’ events? And would you take part?

Please note pics were obtained from the following links bing , express and star and canalrivertrust, science



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