The revolution! Bringing Markets online!


Where’s My Market?

As you may know, the Market Shoppers blogger has another project in which It will revolutionise the market place in the form of Where’s My Market? The market platform that brings markets online without taking away from the loved markets!

I challenge anybody that disagrees to comment in the comment’s section below, and we can discuss the pros and cons and most importantly, if you disagree.

I will cover this blog with the 5 W’s (why, what, where, when and who), and conclude with why Where’s My Market is the most beneficial for every market.


What is the revolution?

The revolution is redefining the market as a whole, the revolution is redefining the market trader as a business, the revolution is making markets easily accessible, the revolution is putting our great British markets online to reach a bigger audience and market them so they are more appealing. The revolution is using the internet to encourage more people online to notice and become aware of their local markets and actually go and pay them a visit. You could be young, old, male or female, the point being the opportunity that can arise from a market has not been explored or promoted to its maximum potential, and we all can play a part. For example, for a young musician a market place is a great place to busk, and also great for the market or the elderly who help keep the traditional methods alive today and pass it on to our younger generation for them to continue. But I suppose the biggest thing that can come from this is a future of entrepreneurs, a reduction in unemployment and a market place with more diversity and bizarre products that we won’t find visiting the high street or won’t find so easily online. Where’s My Market? will be the first domino in the domino effect into making all this happen through encouraging the use of markets by targeting the online community.


Who is Where’s My Market?

Where’s My Market? is an up and coming online platform, which will specialise in market traders first and foremost, followed by the market, as it is felt that market traders are not supported as advertising is usually on the market not the trader – we know the market name but nobody tells us the market stall names. Where’s My Market? is in the pre start up stage, and currently perfecting the webpage so it is easy to use for the member as well as the customer.

Who is behind Where’s My Market? This person would be Mathew Walters, the Market Shopper’s Blog Blogger. As you may have seen through my blogs, I have been blogging about markets for nearly a year with over 20 blogs released. I have gone through Virgin Start Up to make this possible, to make sure everything has been covered. I regularly attended master classes and networking events within the Virgin Start Up and BES ltd community, which shows my hunger to always improve and make this work, and I have even compensated on my inexperience as I have acquired a business mentor from Virgin Start Up who has ran a successful business for over 20 years. It may also be worth noting that I hold a degree in business management (Marketing) so this is what I have been studying for, for over 5 years as well as coming from humble backgrounds and understanding the struggles market traders face.


Where will this online platform be based?

This platform will be based and started in the West Midlands as there are quite a few struggling markets within the West Midlands, and this is my home county. There are plans for future expansion but as everybody knows Rome was not built in a day. Also as there are thousands of market traders, it has been decided the best way to approach this is by taking it one step at a time, in order to make the biggest difference. This way we can focus and nothing is rushed.


When is the launch?

As previously stated we are not rushing into anything as we want to make sure everything works and we have everything covered. However, what I can say is provided everything goes to plan, and we are happy with the way it’s all working, the earliest launch date will be June 2016.


Why should I join/support Where’s My Market?

If you are a trader, why should you use Where’s My Market? Over other similar websites?

The most important reason that makes us more unique than any other, is we are a website specifically for the trader. When you are on our website, you are only promoted with other market traders, NOTHING ELSE! Plus, you get additional promotion when we promote your market because you are a part of that market, so when people click on that market you will be listed as one of their stalls.

Also our website is built to influence and give to the market place and traders, which separates us from other sites that are designed to take away from the market place like eBay does.

We are not an online selling webpage as there are already enough of these online, and these are part of the problem for markets. We are an informational website which is something markets currently don’t have online. This being a site where markets and traders are listed in one place, for customers to find a market in the area they are in. Effectively we are making markets a tourist attraction in a sense, as all the information you need as a customer, whether it’s information on markets or traders, it is all listed in one place, with detailed accounts of everything you need from stock, to dates, times, locations and contact details. For example, I am from Wolverhampton and want to find a market in Coventry but I am not from the area so how can I find out all of the above information for what I need? Where’s My Market is how!

If you are a market shopper, why should you use Where’s My Market? Well this is simple, we will have all the information you need to know about any market within the West Midlands, in order to make your search easier. For example, maybe you are looking for a key cutter in Telford but are unfamiliar with the area. You can go on Where’s My Market, search for Telford and look through the list of markets in Telford, find your closest one and be able to click and search through their stalls to see if they have a key cutter there. It’s that simple! The website is designed to be as easy to use as possible, as our target market like things this way.


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