Markets! Who’s to Blame?

Who’s to Blame? Let me rhyme you in gently..

Who’s to Blame? From what I see, from where I’m from, the market is not the same, from what I read, to what I search, markets don’t even have a name. I search google for markets and the search results are a pain, marketing company this, marketing company that, so if I want to search my great British market, can somebody tell me what is the correct name?

The facts for me are simple, markets are losing their identity, some are doing well some are going through hell. The facts for me are like this, for some regions, areas, towns your market might be great, but for a lot of other it seems like it’s too late.

I think what I’m trying to emphasise here is markets are not working together. I think what I’ve noticed here, is it seems that a lot of the big market companies are in competition as opposed to working together, with the exclusion of the NMTF, NABMA and the Love your local market campaign, the newer companies are trying to outdo each other. Some only care for the great markets, and it seems nobody for the poorer markets, from where I’m from, what I see every day is that markets seem to be getting emptier, empty stalls with no product range or diversity.

Big markets are celebrated for doing well and rightly so let’s just get that out there, but am I right to argue that this covers up the neglected small markets, the empty street markets and the failing outdoor markets. Am I right to argue that nobody is offering or putting forward any solutions to help the struggling markets, the closing down indoor markets; would I be wrong to say we could all do more to help save the great British markets?

So who is to blame? Is it the market operators and councils? Should they find the solutions for these markets? Maybe experiment a little? Make it work as it is their job? Well it is their market too! But should we expect them to carry the whole burden of the market? Or should we pass blame to the traders, for not being more entrepreneurial and making sure they use any extra avenues they have in this day and age, to push their market stall and products into the public’s attention? Or do they have enough on their plate with setting up a stall early mornings, unloading and packing vans, then spending a whole day trying to sell products. Where could they find the time to market themselves you could ask, so maybe it goes back to the operator. After all it is their market to promote, this is what the traders are partly paying for isn’t it? A location in which potential customers come to buy, but then we could go back and forth all day in a big circle, as they do have to operate the markets as well as enforce regulations etc. and do a lot of work behind the scenes.

So let’s move on, who is to blame? Is it the big companies for markets such as the NMTF and NABMA? Could they do more than they already do, or is it reasonable to say they are doing a lot as it stands currently, with the M4 Market’s Campaigns, youth market campaign, regional officers and awards shows etc. So maybe they can’t maybe they could use some help, from the smaller up and coming organisation, maybe the newer companies can take a bigger lion’s share of responsibility? However, you could then argue that they don’t have the scope of the NMTF and NABMA to reach the necessary people, so again this can go round and round in one big circle.

So who is to blame, what shall we blame it on? Shall we blame it on the big supermarkets being built near the markets? Well no, because our markets have a lot to offer in comparison to these supermarkets but this is not being shouted out. Things such as GMOs, which I mentioned in previous blogs, or unique products such as the scented perfume guy on Walsall market with some amazing smells that you won’t find in the supermarket, or just the atmosphere when you go to the market. You are doing more than shopping – it is an experience, some would say a great day out.

So who is to blame? It would be fair to say in some way or another we are all to blame, we could all do more to help the poorer markets because it’s the families of these market traders who are feeling it all, but will we?



4 thoughts on “Markets! Who’s to Blame?

  1. I think reframing the question as to how to help improve struggling markets for a start will be more positive.
    In reality I will think markets are organised within communities under local authorities.
    Sometimes, local authorities think by passing market running to privately run market operators, they’ve found the cure.
    But in reality, our markets could all strive if we could involve all stakeholders including communities, local authorities, local institutions, education, media traders and organisers could we start to design sustainable markets for our communities


    • Hello alain, thank you for your feedback, sorry i worded the blog in a way to gain attention.

      And i agree with what you are saying it seems logical, but it is clearly not happening, so who is to blame? Are you saying the local authoties?


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