Where’s My Market

Hello Reader,

As you may know I (Market Shoppers blogger), have opened up recently about my latest project which aims to improve markets, starting around the West Midlands and potentially expanding, provided the difference can be made around the West Midlands.

This blog, hopefully gives you, as the reader an insight into Where’s My Market. You may have heard about Where’s My Market or you may not have by now, but this is because I have not started to market the brand YET! There are still a lot of developments to be completed, but I assure you when all is ready I will market the life out of this brand and put all I have financially out of my own pocket and what I can gather,  as this is something I truly believe in, which can and will make a difference. This will be done in a way in which I feel is the best to bring markets to the internet without taking customers away from the market – after all it is the market place which is what makes the market; the experience, the smell, the banter and the bargains. If you make it an online platform it is effectively eBay, so I decided against making it eBay style-esque and making it more of a directory and information based site, an online informational platform about the market trader, the trader who is the one that makes the market what it is, as without the trader it is not a market in my opinion. Traders are under valued in terms of advertising and marketing of their business as they have to do all this on the market itself. With that taken into serious consideration, hopefully the plan of Where’s My Market keeps the fundamentals the same but gives them a better opportunity, more people to advertise to and market themselves to by telling people to go to their market so they can banter, bargain and haggle with the trader.

Where's My Market

If you have heard about Where’s My Market I have no doubt this is probably from the great write up that Virgin start up wrote about me, Mathew Walters, involving Where’s My Market where I was lucky enough to be chosen as virgin start up of the week at such an early stage – but this just shows the faith they have in me and the idea, and confirms their support. I have also noticed another little thing that has not been highlighted but so far on the Virgin start up website my story was the one with the most Facebook shares, compared to other entrepreneurs’ stories which shows that this idea appeals to a lot of people of whom know this is great and can see the vision behind it.

My next challenge is launching the website, which will be very soon is all I can say right now, but can’t give an exact date. If you are a trader, however, you will see me at your market very soon trying to sign you up.

Now there will be a very small charge for this website for the trader, but this is only because I want to continue to put money into this website and marketing so it can grow and be as huge as it should be. I am very ambitious, and initially I know if conquered properly it does have the potential to go to the moon and further, potentially revealing new planets (hypothetically speaking), so the money the traders are charged will literally go back into marketing and developing the website so the trader can gain more customers. I have taken out loans to push this as I am not the wealthiest, which shows how much I believe in this, and I have already put plenty of time and effort into this to date. I believe I have been working on this for over a year properly, and researching it for over 2 years and from the customer research of market traders, I have found a reasonable price which enables and benefits everybody. Obviously, I understand market traders have enough already with extra charges, which is why I went with the most popular answer to pay for this service, which of course was the lowest.

The aim of the website is to increase sales for market traders, increase trade for market operators, and make markets easier to locate in any location for market shoppers. How I will do this is by putting my life on hold to accomplish this through extreme marketing techniques and brand development, hopefully collaborating with some of the leading experts, professionals and councils in the market world so that together we can improve to do this.

One last thing I will say is that a key area for me, which is what I want to work on and improve, is bringing more youth to markets in the form of shoppers and traders, and expanding product diversity across the market. I think with me being relatively young, I may be able to just do that, given time, whether this be through market shoppers blog, Where’s My Market or a few other tricks up my sleeve.

Thank you for reading and follow our social media pages for Where’s My Market which we will start pushing soon at:

Facebook: Where’s My Market

Twitter: @Where’s My Market

LinkedIn:Where’s My Market

Website: www.wheresmymarket.com

And the market shoppers blog social media pages at:

Twitter: @marketshoppers

Facebook: Market still Matter





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