Market Shoppers Blog on the NMTF: Part 1

Since I have started blogging for markets I have began to learn a lot about an organisation known as the National Market Traders Federation also known as the NMTF, which in my opinion is the best market dedicated organisation out there at the moment with many plus points such as products and service they provide to markets and traders, recognised and respected branding as well as being recognised the most with market traders I have spoken with; they are also a top result on google when searching for information on markets.

The NMTF have a great database on their website which has the details and locations for over 1,100 markets in the UK of all sorts such as farmers, street, indoor/outdoor etc.

Due to simply liking what they do and having a lot of respect for them personally, I have chosen to dedicate a series of blogs on them, what they do and to highlight how they can help your markets and you as a trader or you as somebody thinking of becoming a market trader.

making markets

Firstly the NMTF is a trade association for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers in the UK, they are a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1899. 

The NMTF works on membership terms, whereby having a membership has great benefits such as membership protection under a combined liability policy for all their members (public, product and employer’s liability protection). NMTF provide a financial and legal helpline with advice from experts (national officers), opportunity of discounts from trusted and leading suppliers, HMRC investigations protection as well as a monthly magazine and that’s just to begin with. If I were to list everything this blog would be endless, which is why I have decided to do this over a series of blogs.

I can honestly say out of all of the market organisations I truly believe the NMTF is value for money, as being a part of the NMTF you receive a voice because the NMTF represents their members at a national level by lobbying parliament through the All Party Parliamentary Markets Group and the government through the Retail Markets Forum.


The reason I have a lot of respect for NMTF, is because of their involvement in improving markets, their knowledge of every market, including my home town of Bilston market which makes me very proud, because we do have a great and loved market compared to a lot of others in the west midlands, although we don’t know how long this will last until something is done about rent rises. I have listed a few campaigns and projects they provide to support the industry, such as: retail training, apprenticeships, work experience, forming a cooperative to run a market, support youth markets and the latest Making Markets Matter, a promotional roadshow and ‘mission for markets’ where they teamed up with NABMA.

For the second part of this blog I will touch up on how NMTF lobbying is beneficial for the market trader; according to the NMTF website they have has some success with Lobbying, with winning a fight to oppose legislation which would have been detrimental to their members and the market industry as whole – a statement on their webpage reads as follows;

we will continue to fight to enhance the market industry and preserve the livelihood of our members.

which for anybody in any industry has to be comforting to know that at least somebody cares. I say this because as I understand many market traders feel there is not enough support for them out there. Also the NMTF has the ability to negotiate at local levels with the market operators whether this be private or council, and are happy and ready to step in for their members should their be a dispute between the trader and operator, in order to win or settle a case fairly which all comes as part of being a member. Now as many of you may know I have a business degree and a good understanding of how businesses should operate, and I think that service alone, where they will come and fight a battle for a member, shows the integrity and what their members mean to this company. This is a great service which many market traders may find themselves needing a lot of the time but do not know that this is available to them.


This being said if any market traders want to know more about the NMTF and the service they provide look out for our next few blogs regarding the NMTF where we will personally be looking into the NMTF and start-up services as well as youth markets, a history of the NMTF and campaigns, and a conclusion why market shoppers blog recommends traders to have a membership with the NMTF.

Please note information and pictures have been gathered from the NMTF webpage.


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