Would markets be used more if they were open longer? Part 4: Strengths

Would markets be used more if they were open longer? Part 4: Strengths.

To conclude this series I have chosen to leave the strengths until last, as they do say save the best until last after all. In this finale to “if markets were open longer” I will discuss the strengths in terms of accommodating the 9 – 5 workers, boosting the local economy, reduction of unemployment, more attraction for the local area and the feedback from the part 1, part 2 and part 3.

To the reader, I like to encourage discussion so please if you are reading and you agree, don’t agree, or just generally think I have missed something please just leave a comment. Rest assured I won’t spam mail you, or be giving out any of your details when you do, as everybody’s opinion is welcomed and wanted and may be a defining factor for markets down the line, in terms of improvement.

The strength I would like to start on is the fact that the market can accommodate the 9 – 5 worker who does not have the time in the day to visit a market in the week as they work through the traditional market hours. This meaning that there is an expansion for possible customers to shop at these markets, which obviously means more customers, more money for traders, more money for operators, and more value for customers. 9 to 5 workers aren’t accommodated for, who is to say that the office worker does not want fresh fruit and veg, GMO free, and is sick of going to the supermarkets; with the market being open longer it will benefit them and the fruit and veg stalls in particular as there is a new market after 5pm for them.

9 t 5

Markets being open longer will boost the local economy externally as well as internally in ways of public transport as this will effectively be used more in cases of travelling to and from markets, which in turn means money will go back into improving your local areas transportation services etc. potentially with new equipment, reduction of cost and so on. Also, if markets were to open longer then there is more money going back into the area as money is being spent with local traders, who also spend their money locally.

Markets being open longer should bring in more traders to the markets and for the markets owned by the council it would mean an increase in revenue from markets and hopefully can mean a decrease in market rent for traders. There is also the fact that being open longer provides more opportunity for traders to increase turnover and profits.


The reduction of unemployment is a big strength as the potential for new jobs that will arise such as stall assistants, and those that choose to go self employed and open their own stalls, will benefit everybody as the more market hours and markets there is means less people out of work, which means less people unemployed. This would then give more people opportunity in other lines of work through less competition on the jobs register, as well as providing more people with the chance to actually gain a market stall in a market they like, provided it is split into two – an evening and a day time period.

create job.jpg

Markets being open longer gives the local area more attractions in the evening, makes town more attractive whilst giving more people more reason to visit along with , something to do after 5, which may benefit their lifestyle instead of waste money in pubs and clubs, and other entertainment related things such as cinema etc.. which people choose to do as their is not really many more options for people to pursue. For example during the Christmas period people shop till very late times on the evening and benefit from doing so. Now I understand this is a seasonal event but the fact is people have no problem finding themselves out at those times to shop along with the fact that it is kept open later because it is more beneficial for people who do not have time in the day to come after work so that does show there is a need and this should not just be a once a year thing.

A little cheeky strength is that late night parking usually tends to be free, and I love a freebie, so that’s enough for me to shop late as everywhere loves to charge me a lump sum these days! With that said, instead of sitting in rush hour traffic you can nip down to the market have a hour looking around shopping, before making that journey home as you may make it back in the same time anyway, but with fresh goods.

The final strength I will point out is that from the 3 previous parts of this series of blogs part 1, part 2 and part 3 I had received a lot of feedback from social media pages off twitter and Facebook and the blog itself, from people such as traders, operators and customers themselves which have all said yes, market would be used more if they were open longer, it is a good idea and a lot would welcome it. So from my personal feedback and my experience of doing these blogs and promoting them I would say open markets longer because it seems to be in demand and a lot of people will welcome this as well as use markets a lot more.


Please note: Pictures were obtained from the following webpage links 9 to 5, cascadesoft, tcbmag and bing.




One thought on “Would markets be used more if they were open longer? Part 4: Strengths

  1. The question is can markets adapt. Do they need to open early in the morning? Should there be means of assistance to traders for creating employment opportunities and apprentices? Should markets include social gathering spaces, specifically market halls , such as restaurants, wine/cocktail bars and other service providers as well as retailers. When the average customer departs in mid afternoon should there be a siesta type break to get ready for the evening?

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