Would Markets be used more if they were open longer? Part 2: Threats

Would markets be used more if they were open longer? Part 2: Threats.

Ok now Market Shoppers Blog will look at the threats of markets being open longer. The first and most clear threat of markets being open longer is clearly being open longer and nobody shopping in these extended hours, then there are factors including security and extra charges.

Nobody Shopping in these extended hours is clearly a threat because if the market was to open longer nobody can guarantee that people would shop in these hour, and if there were people would it be enough? The way I can address this is that with changes like this you would need to give it time to come into play as some things take longer than others to become the norm.
Obviously if the market was to open longer and nobody was shopping in the extended hours then this would result in a loss for the traders and the operators, that is first and foremost. So if this was to be looked at seriously operators could possibly do some market research and ask the traders of the market, maybe do some trial periods in some successful markets and not so successful markets, or basically come up with new schemes to attract the customers such as performers, unique products or just evening/night time marketing events that maybe can travel around the UK as a market theme to start with.
It is a huge threat, but for me at this stage it is ‘just a threat’ so it seems as more negative than positive when analysing it this way, but we don’t know unless we try it and markets today are still using traditional methods. I long to see a market approach something different, something new, which could then revolutionise the market or bring the market down, but again, we don’t know unless we try.
This could be a threat to our normal day markets that we have now but nothing is to say that we have to have the same day markets on the night, and in my personal opinion this would be more of a threat to the outdoor market as opposed to the indoor market. So I would say why not try this with indoor markets first and if successful, this could make it easier to introduce to the outdoor market as there will already be a custom base there.

Security now this is obviously what a lot of outdoor traders would be worried about, and understandably so, what with the way our authorities and media paint a picture that the night time is worse. When looking at it realistically we live in a age where we are watched everywhere and there is not a thing that somebody could do on an evening that they could not do in the day time – the concept being put forward is that it is dark so people can get away with things and not be seen etc. but we are entering 2016 the technology today is out of this world in comparison to what it was say 20 year ago. Today we have insurance and forensics, infrared cameras, night time vision cameras on every corner especially around the markets and in car parks. I know that sounds drastic but the sad fact is if something of a bad nature was going to happen, it could just as much happen in the day time as it could in the night time.

Extra charges now this is a threat that operators may want to charge more, but in the part 1 I touched up on this with the opportunities such as this can be split into 2 different markets where operators can make profit with the extra business, which can then be divided between the 2 to reduce cost which also benefits everybody as operators will make more money with 2 different trade opportunities, and in return they can reduce the cost of rent, thus benefitting the traders and encouraging more trade. In return this would bring more diverse products which would bring more custom, which benefits the operator, the trader, and the shopper.
This is all providing that it is split into 2 and would be an approach I would recommend in this situation, as 1 long market would not really be favourable as I can understand that the traders have  their own lives and I don’t think they would want to be there all day long , then again at night as some just trade alone, with no assistants.

If there is anything you would like to add or if you agree or disagree please bring it to my attention in the comments section below, and we can discuss this further and please remember: all of this is just the opinion of one individual.


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