Would Markets be used more if they were open longer? Part 1: Opportnuity

Would markets be used more if they were open longer? Calderdale market’s Twitter page suggested this as a topic a couple of months back, but due to other topics that I wanted to address and experiments I wanted to try, I did not take this up straight away. However, now I want to approach this for them in a Market Shoppers blog way, as you know this is a blog like no other and how we approach things can be from one extreme to another, and we are always open to trying out new things with different blogs and topics.

Due to these facts, I will approach this blog in the way of a 4 part SWOT analysis (Market Shoppers way). For those readers who don’t know what a SWOT is, it is basically listing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats of an idea, this can be brief or detailed but either way they are a good way at evaluating certain situations, products, schemes etc.

As I mentioned this is a market shoppers SWOT so it will be slightly different. I will approach this in as a series of blogs, so for this topic there will be 4 parts addressing each factor of the SWOT.

An opportunity for opening longer would have to be targeting those regular 9-5 workers which Britain has so many of, the markets are losing out on these with the week days as many markets close at 5pm or before. These 9-5 workers could benefit if the market was to open longer in such circumstances that can also benefit the market florist i.e. when a man has finished his long day at work and wants to surprise his partner, he can run down to the local market and grab some flowers, be spontaneous and surprise his wife on the way home for cheaper than the local co-op/supermarket and doesn’t have to spend 20 minutes ripping off the tag so she doesn’t see the price. Or end up picking the runt of the litter of the flower gang which she may hate. Also the market florist can help us men choose nice flowers, as I tried to buy them in a supermarket before with nobody around to recommend what’s good and I ended up bringing back nettles that my lady pretended to like, bless her, but her face said it all!

There is also the fruit and veg stalls that can benefit the 9-5 worker, as you may have not had the time at work that day to go on your break and grab some ingredients for your evening meal, we all know how it can be and now you will have to go to a big named shop and get ripped off. Whereas if markets were open longer, you could have gone to the market and got the big spuds for that little price, or maybe you fancy a mango or watermelon, but don’t want those GMO fruits as you want real fresh organic fruit, we all know the market is the best place for this – we like authenticity in our food.

Another opportunity would be that if managed properly this can be approached in a way that markets rent cost could be reduced, which is ideal for the traders and economy as more traders equals more money back in the local economy.  Now for this I do not understand the full politics as I am an ideas man, but if there was to be a night market this could mean rent could be reduced as you could operate 2 markets in one day for example have the 7 – 4 market then have a 4.30 – 8.30 market. Now I know the switch over and stuff can be difficult but this can be easily resolved and I don’t want to hear it cannot be done because what these market operators can do on Christmas shows with the variations etc. then I know that this clearly can also be done! Obviously you would have more trade in the day so this would cost more than the night trade fee, but if you have a full market in the day and a full market on the night selling different products, then surely operators profits will rise and in return you should be able to bring down rent cost and still manage to make a profit. Now please don’t be pessimistic as I know this wont work for all traders, but this opens the possibility of markets having new kinds of traders. These could focus on a whole different market of products or even just benefit the more food and drink focused stall, as well as nightwear and last minute essentials, but as stated this is just an opportunity I am presenting to you.


3 thoughts on “Would Markets be used more if they were open longer? Part 1: Opportnuity

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