Why you should shop at the market over the supermarket Part 3

Well.. Well… Well….

Apart from the previously spoken about facts in part 1 and part 2 on the better atmosphere, supporting the local economy, markets are cheaper, GMO, 5p carrier bags and the exploitation of farmers I will conclude this series of why you should shop at the market over the supermarket.

Markets are the be all and end all, they are the originators. You know when you watch a medieval film and in the kingdom they always have markets right? This is because the market has always been around, to put it simply, markets are the mommy and daddy to many supermarkets today such as pound land, Tesco and M&S amongst numerous others. All of these big organisations we hear of today were all conceived on our great British markets, and as we have all evolved with the times, markets have always remained the same. The market is what keeps us in touch with our past and our great ancestors’ way of life before supermarkets and super discount shops, I mean even these big shops are named after the market such as ‘supermarket’ – that is because our market is the daddy and forever will be it is that simple. So why should we stop supporting the one thing that has single-handedly paved the way for many of these organisations today that are trying to poach the market custom, with no regards or respect to what the market has done for them?

Not one man profits off of these markets like supermarkets do, our market doesn’t have these big corporate guys in offices that determine what prices we should pay for products. The market is our next door neighbour who lives the same level of life we do, who comes up with pricing decisions himself knowing full well what kind of struggle his neighbours are going through.

However, I must admit that we do have some operators influencing our traders who are trying to keep prices rock bottom for us by upping rent for no justifiable reason at all and continuously at that. With that said it is that hardworking man/woman on that market stall who goes at 6/7am every morning to go to the wholesalers, load their van, drive to the market and unload it just to give us a fair deal, to make someone happy whether that be through food, or gifts or clothing, meanwhile the market bosses just sit in there warm offices making unjustifiable decisions to help themselves get paid for next to no hard work what so ever, because they have a degree or something. Now I know I have a degree but some of us who are fortunate to get a degree face a decision and that is whether to do something good and make a difference with it or just sit down, act like life is tough and make decisions that don’t affect you negatively at all. I know which route I am taking, and that is because I was one who was not meant to obtain my degree, but I thrive off proving others wrong and have goals set on achieving things for those like me who don’t have support and are always doubted. Reasons like these are why I am so passionate about our market traders, they are people like me and you trying our hardest to make it in life but just because we don’t know somebody our chances are limited. Well now market traders you know Market Shoppers blog and we will definitely be opening doors together.

All this being said is why we should and will continue to support our local markets as we have a lot more in common with the market trader than the boss at the supermarket. They can’t relate to our way of life, or if they could they have definitely forgotten. So I ask my readers to just pop down to your market once in a while and have a look, you will be surprised with the value you can get in comparison to many shops and supermarkets and the diverse products you’ll find. To us, as a young generation, we need to support the local market more and continue the legacy of our ancestors, I mean we grew up and visited a market whether you wanted to visit or not and at the moment it is just not the craze. This also happened with aldi and lidl, until people realised brands were just a name – well the same applies to the market so support your local markets for a change.


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