West Midland Markets’ Top 5 Needs

Here is my list of the top 5 things I would like to see around the west midlands for our markets, which I think may be worth looking into and may help to improve trade. All opinions are of my own.

  • Regular Local Bands
    Now there are markets around the country that already do something similar and I would love to see this around the West Midlands. This can encourage more people to visit the market and also give our local talented artist and Buskers experience and a place to showcase their talents, as well as improve the atmosphere that some of our markets are lacking.


  • Local Regular Youth Market
    Maybe this can be something for our local schools or colleges to arrange for some of their students, or even council. There are youth markets around the West Midlands but around the Wolverhampton/ Walsall/Dudley area this is something that I do not see which makes me think this does not exist. These markets provide the youth with experience and helps bring out their creative sides, whilst at the same time it could also unearth the next big market product or trend.
  • Market Stall Work Experience
    Many pupils of the majority of schools when it comes to looking for work experience can’t find any and end up in some factory just standing around doing nothing for 2 weeks, feeling like a loner as they are too young for these kinds of environments and the level of banter etc. and end up just making teas, whereas a market stall is also mature but simultaneously encourages customer service skills, initiative, and is a good example of how to start and maintain a business.


  • Market Collaborative Scheme
    This would involve schemes in which councils and operators could provide, in a joint venture maybe, to encourage more traders to trade in each of their markets. This would involve a package where traders under the Walsall area for example have a regular pitch at their main market, but also get a discounted pitch at other markets, provided there is space, as a ‘last minute scheme’. This could help markets like Willenhall which are nowhere near full capacity and newer markets like Darlaston, where they are starting out again but don’t have much (if any), fruit and veg stalls, because as we know more traders and more variety equals more trade. For example somebody could visit that market that day for fruit and veg as it is local as opposed to the asda, who would then also see the man selling bags, let’s say, and see something they like which could help the economy and trader as well as the consumer.
  • Local Market Social Media Pages
    Now I have been running my social media campaigns for this blog for a few months now and I am followed by many markets from across the UK and also following them back from @marketshoppers blog twitter page. I also have a large following on Facebook with the markets still matter page which I post to entertain my market as well as update it with market information and I couldn’t help but notice the lack of market pages for markets around the West Midlands. There are some for  Coventry and Bull ring markets on twitter and stoke facebook market page etc. but this is simply not enough. I have also noticed a lot of the markets that are doing well are on social media; now this could be because they are able to interact with other markets, share ideas and interact with consumers through regular updates, as well as attract attention to their market which could contribute to their success.


If any market trader from the West Midlands trades regularly and notices they don’t have a social media page, speak to the main representative of your market or take this matter into your own hands – after all you will be the one to benefit from this. If are unsure where to start send market shoppers blog a message and we will help you to the best we can, be it advice, or sharing your page through our social media page.

Lets start making a difference, instead of waiting for something different to happen.

pictures obtained from paynephalen & student brands & socialmaximizer.


2 thoughts on “West Midland Markets’ Top 5 Needs

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