Cockney Market Traders Terms vs Black Country Trader Terms

This is a just for fun blog post so please enjoy and don’t take anything to personal, also feel free to add and interact in the comment section below. The cockney phrases have been founded from market start up webpage, and I have just added some for the black country although it is all of opinion.

Please note that the top descriptions are the cockney slang, and directly underneath will be the black country, also words will be spelled how they are pronounced & Black Country meanings will be marked with – (BC) -.

The phrases are as follows;

BAT – price

Ow Much cocka – (BC) – no slang we just ask.

Banter – chatter, the traders’ pitch and humour

Bantz – (BC) – billy no bantz

Baring Up – erecting your stall

Setting up – (BC) – Om just setting up mush/mate/mucka/bab/chicken

Cakehole – mouth

Mush – (BC) – get that down ya mush ked

China – rhyming slang, short for ‘China plate’, ’mate’

Mucka – (BC) – yow alright mucka

Chew the Fat – have a chat

Natta – (BC) – just gone to have a natta

Dosh – money

Munay – (BC) – om running low on munay, ask our dave if he got any change bab/kid

Demming or Pitching – drawing a crowd.

Scene – (BC) – yow am making a right scene of ya self

Drum and bass – my place

Mine – (BC) – come round mine later mush

Fart-arseing about – to act foolishly and waste time

Saft – (BC) – stop being saft, or you’ll get a clip round ya ear!

(clip means smack)

Five finger discount – a euphemism for shoplifting or thieving general

Tramp – (BC) – watch him the thieving tramp

Funny money – counterfeit money

Dodgy doe – (BC) – cant tek this mush this is dodgy doe

Flash – display

Show – (BC) –

Gander – to look

Sneak peak – (BC) – gone to have a sneak peak

Gear – the products a market trader sells

Stock – (BC) –

Geezer – a very common term for a man

Geez – (BC) – yow alright geez?

Grass – to expose someone to the police, an informer

Snitch/snake/informant – (BC) –

Grub – slang word for food

Food but pronounced with a W in there – (BC) – Fewd/fowd

Jointrig – stall

Pitch – (BC) –

Jammy – lucky

Jammy/flukey – (BC) –

Kip – sleep

Shut eye – (BC) – gonna go get some shut eye ay i

L.O.M.B.A.R.D. – an acronym that stand for Lots Of Money But A Right Dick Head

TWAT – (BC) – simple

Lurker – a market trader who observes their market stall from a distance, waiting until a customer shows interest in a product

Cutting it close – (BC) – brave round the black country to do that I tell ya.

Manor – territory, area, turf

Local/mine/my spot – (BC) –

Money Bag – a pouch in which a market trader keeps their takings, usually secured around the waist or slung over the shoulder

Fanny bag – (BC) –

Nick – police station, or prison. e.g. “He got banged-up in the nick for 6 months”

Penn, HMP, Cop Shop, Jail – (BC) –

Naff – a popular word meaning cheap, tacky or of poor quality

Dead/crap – (BC) – crap trainers them am

Nifty – slang for a ‘fifty’

Bugger off – (BC) – we ay taking your fifty’s

Notes – a term used to mean money in general

Dollas/bills/Notes – (BC) –

Old fruit – an affectionate address to someone

RUN/crazy – (BC) –

Plank – an idiot, fool

Donut/sausage/nob – (BC) –

Pitcher – a market trader who works from a raised platform, talking or shouting about the products they have on offer, often in an entertaining way

The meat man – (BC) –

Private Operator – a private company that operate the market

Bosses – (BC) –

Pound Lines – products sold at an attractive price of £1

Cheap bargains – (BC) –

Punter – the paying public, a customer, potential customer showing interest

Prospect/punter – (BC) –

Pukka – means ‘authentic’ or ‘first-rate’

Propa – (BC) –

Shafted – to be treated badly

Ripped off – (BC) –

Shell-out – to have to pay for, usually unexpectedly

Shell owt – (BC) –

Stuffed – done in, ripped off, in trouble

Done over – (BC) –

Snide – illegal copies of a branded product (counterfeit)

Fake – (BC) –

Spieler – a market trader who tries to convince a customer in all manner of ways that a product is worth buying

Pest – (BC) – he is a pest he is wont shut up

Toby – is the market manager, the person who’s word is law

Top dog – (BC) –

Tyre kicker – a time waster

Bye/traar – (BC) –

Wedge – money

Chedda – (BC) –

Well up for it – to be very interested in something

Kean – (BC) –

Wind-up merchant – someone who specializes in teasing

Tormentor/funny guy/ wind up – (BC) –


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