My Local Market; Bilston Market & Tips!

My Local Market

The only day I like to wake up early in the morning is market day as I like to go to the market café and start my day with a full English breakfast, a cup of tea, sometimes coffee or OJ with friends and other days I will go with my mom or nan which has it’s plus side such as breakfast is free! they do look after me, but at a cost as the down side is the slow walking and spending longer than I have to as they like to literally look through everything and love to haggle and the cheeky market traders trying to charm them into buying some pillows, they love it, but what can I do – I like to see them happy, and funnily enough this is what the market does.


What I like about going with my friend’s is we know what we are going to get and walk a lot quicker bobbing and weaving, ducking and diving through the market’s traffic to get our undercover bargains, normally not anything too big, but just the little things that matter and are easier to access in terms of travel and leg mileage compared to the town’s. Plus Bilston market has free parking!.

When ever the winter comes you will always see me at the market upgrading my glove collection as I can never keep hold of gloves! I am forever losing them in the winter, and also when I used to work as a security steward, the market was our main stop before going to work at festivals; we used to buy BBQ’s, sleeping bags, tents, wellies – basically a lot of camping equipment (you get this gist). Do you know how much expensive wellies are in just the basic shops and hard to find compared to at the market? Or even torches for that matter – all I can say is thank you markets you have got me through a lot of cold, dark nights and provided me with many necessary unusual gadgets which were perfect for that kind of work.

Winter fair, Jokkmokk, Norrbotten, Sweden

But I digress. Going back to my market day, after breakfast and making my purchases, a few hours would have past at this point, and I will need round 2 of food, which is where you will find me at the local market burger van with the monster sloppy burgers, not those average Joe, baby Mr sizzle burgers, but a real whopper for prices cheaper than McDonald’s and Burger King, which makes my mouth water thinking about it, a lot of you will know what I am talking about, no doubt!

Once I have consumed my monster of a burger I will go for one final stroll around the market, hopefully at the right hour to be able to get my fresh organic fruit at a bargain price, just to make my self seem a little bit healthy after my greased feast, fresh and ready to take home and that will be just before I go to the market butchers to get my meat for the week sometimes seasoned Peri Peri from Harpers meat stall, at ridiculously cheap prices if you go at the happy hour.

It really is crazy how people go all over to buy many of these product from superstores etc.. when most of the time you could easily be sold something different to what you have been told it is, and for a more costly price, for a smaller portion. (horse meat)


My Local Market Tips;

My Local Market is Bilston Market in the West Midlands. My market has a lot of free parking; you can park on the big car park next to the indoor market for free, you can park by Barclays bank and post office for free in front of the police station so it’s safe, there is also a little side road opposite the post office which you can also park on, but I never told you that! And if all these spaces aren’t free, then there is parking spaces at the back of the Ladbrokes bookmakers in Bilston town for disabled parking and over the road from there is another big car park for free. If all these spaces are full then do not worry, because at the top of Bilston town there is a McDonald’s car park which always has a space or 2 free, it is a 3 minute walk from McDonald’s to the market, which I would not recommend for the elderly as this may be too long. Also there is Morrison’s car park, which is literally over the key way from the market, so it is ideal for those who fancy a bit of supermarket shopping and market shopping, NO PROBLEM!.

bilo parking

Eating out in Bilston is definitely not a problem! Bilston is home to the famous Major’s Chip shop, who have by far, got to have the best most unique chips in England! Bilston also has Stan’s Chip shop, which is popular with the elderly generation as they are open all day serving breakfast, jacket potatoes and all kinds of chip shop food, in their very unique indoor seating area. The market itself also has its own café, which is a part of the inside market but is also accessible from the outdoor market (where I get my breakfast).


Don’t drive? Wondering how to get to Bilston Market? Well, that’s not a problem either, Bilston Market is right next to Bilston Bus station – literally opposite, so you can get off the bus and walk over, no problem with many routes leading to Bilston bus station from every which direction. There is also Bilston tram stop right next to Bilston, which goes all the way to Birmingham and back to Wolverhampton. In addition there is also a taxi rank right next to the market and also in the alley leading into Bilston town itself, as well as another taxi rank which is a 3 minute walk from Bilston town.


What do you do on your local Market Day?

What are your Local Market Tips?

please note all pictures were obtained from the following webpages ,,uk , sandjcatering


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