Hello world! and welcome our first blog!

Hello, and welcome to Market shoppers, the blog of first hand experience and knowledge of our local markets, the aim of this blog is to provide you with information about your local market’s and traders to ensure you can have the best experience as possible when shopping at markets, from providing you with tips, from bus times, car parking, local attractions, food places, toilets, stores and products and the markets general knowledge to the smell, to the customers service to the attractive people to the less polite people, and to the bargains, as we all love bargains.

I promise to my readers that I will be as accurate as possible and provide the most honest feedback on experience of visiting markets whether good or bad and shall not provide a biased opinion based on how I have been treated from that market for example, I was recently at Dudley market the other day in the west midlands doing a survey, and when speaking to a rather intimidating larger male that kept punching his hand with a solid fist when talking to me and looking at me like he wanted to beat me up, and answered every question with a “NO” before I even asked the question, was a very impolite experience, although his games and DVD’s he had for sale were reasonably cheap, whether I would buy off this trader though is another question, as if I had a problem with a purchase and took it back how would he react? would he continue to hit his fist or maybe me this time.


2 thoughts on “Hello world! and welcome our first blog!

    • Great news , and as of this second i can not say an accurate date but what i can say is sooner rather than later, as i have to tidy some things up, but hopefully a few weeks, can i ask how you found this page?


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